The Netflix "Ta-Dum" has an epic cinema version

The iconic tone that sounds when you start a series on Netflix has a longer version designed by a famous film composer.

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There's an epic version of the Netflix sound
There’s an epic version of the Netflix sound

With its iconic “Ta-Dum”, Netflix has one of the most iconic intros in the streaming world created. However, domestic televisions, computers and tablets are not enough for the decision makers of the streaming service. They also want to take their films to the cinema.

As GamesSpot reports, Netflix wants to freshen up its opening tone. Consequently none became less than that famous film composer Hans Zimmer tasked with creating a truly epic Ta-Dum. Here you can listen to the result for yourself:

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The cinema version gives the intro a clear picture more significant painting. However, it sounds strange to hear such a monumental beginning before the familiar note.

With the intro, Netflix strengthens its Advance against traditional Hollywood. Even at the Oscars, the streaming service is now a serious competitor.

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Netflix has the famous film composer Hans Zimmer write a longer cinema intro. What do you think of the epic version of the “Ta-Dum”? Would you generally watch Netflix films in the cinema? Please write us in the comments.

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