The new emojis that you will soon see on your mobile

Although we already knew the new 117 emojis, Google has confirmed its arrival and its redesign.

Google has taken advantage World Emoji Day (July 17) to show the world the new emojis that will incorporate Android 11, the latest version of its operating system. In total they are 117 new emojis, which, although they had already been announced by Unicode last January, now seem entirely confirmed by Google.

While the additions previously submitted by the Unicode Consortium were strong, Google has worked in recent months to ensure that emoji expressions are as empathetic as possible as well as to incorporate in the best possible way to them a equal representation of society.

Android 11 new emojis

Android 11 will incorporate 117 new emojis to your mobile.

117 new emojis that can be used from autumn

These new 117 emojis are made up of 62 new characters, animals, objects and shapes as well as 55 gender and skin variants, and, as Google has confirmed to 9to5Google will be available this fall. Remember that the previous batch of emojis arrived on time for Android Q in September, so if your mobile is updated to Android 11 you will receive them in complete safety.

Among the list of emojis, which you can consult under these lines, the arrival of Ninjas; of “bugs” such as scorpions, shrimp, flies, earthworms, or green beetles; home objects like a brush, thread and sewing needle or a plunger; Vertebrate animals like sharks, wild boars, bats and even poodles; and finally some more “random” items like a tombstone, a magic wand, a Russian doll or a soldier’s helmet.

In Google’s words, some of the distinctive features of these new emojis focus on giving those animal emojis one more look authentic, a final finish product of the hand-in-hand work with institutions such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium or the Victoria Insect Zoo.

In addition to the new emoji additions, that will arrive in the autumn to the mobiles with Android 11, Google has redesigned several emojis so that its look fits better with dark mode, which by the way can already be activated in all Google apps. With this redesign, they pretend that certain dark-toned emojis look and be better distinguished on black backgrounds like this.

If you are interested, you can see these new emojis (although of course, without Google’s final redesigns) by downloading and installing the Android 11 beta.

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