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the new fast charge will arrive on your next smartphone

the new fast charge will arrive on your next smartphone


Different manufacturers fight their battle on many flanks. A smartphone is made up of many hardware elements, so it is common for the tech career to focus on cameras, processor or battery. Precisely related to the battery, in recent times a derivative or spin off war has arisen that has to do with the loading speed and everyone wants to be the fastest.

Many years ago, mobiles stopped having autonomy that kept them away from the charger for at least a week. As they became Swiss Army Knives, with more and more elements and functions, manufacturers were forced to find a balance between autonomy and energy consumption, allowing all these functions to be maintained.

The fast charge race

Fast charging came in the middle of this battle, to at least allow the user to have enough autonomy again to end the day with just a few minutes connected to the charger. Some experts claim that it is not good to use fast charging, but manufacturers continue to advance in this race that seems to have no end. Within all types of fast charging, giants like OPPO and Xiaomi are behind an evolution that it is falling and that it will be one more step in this technology.

xiaomi fast charge

Xiaomi 120W charger ready

The latest news comes precisely from Xiaomi, since the company has just certify your first 120W charger, with the model number MDY-12-ED, which has been discovered in 3C certification reports. The charger is revealed to have been designed by Huntkey, which appeared leaked in early June and offers 5V-3A, 11V-6A and 20V-6A. Now we know that Xiaomi will integrate it in its next great launch.

xiaomi fast charge certification

We have previously seen, how Xiaomi boasted of fast charging when showing the technology 100W “Super Charge Turbo”, which is capable of charging a battery of 4,000 mAh in just 17 minutes. Even Vivo has flirted with the 120W load, being able to reach 100% of the same load in just 13 minutes.

What mobile will we see it on?

The big question now is to know which next Xiaomi mobile will be the first to have this charging capacity to release this charger. The bets are tilted by two possible candidates: first the missing Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, of which the hope that is presented before the end of the year is not lost, and secondly the Xiaomi Mi 10s Pro. Of this terminal it has been rumored that it could be the first of the firm to also have a camera 144 megapixels and with the next Snapdragon 865+.

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