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The new Firefox for Android already has PC extensions

The new Firefox for Android already has PC extensions

Web browsers are a fundamental and essential tool within our smartphone, even more so at a time when web applications are more relevant than ever. Mozilla Firefox has been one of the main references in mobile browsers and has reinvented its mobile browser. This is the new Firefox for Android.

Firefox is a historic browser, having been one of the first alternatives to Internet Explorer back in 2002. The browser did not have the best transformation with the revolution of mobile devices, but little by little this free alternative has managed to reinvent itself with what is probably its best mobile version ever made.

Firefox for Android is renewed in a big way

One of the peculiarities of Firefox is the use of its own rendering engine, known as Gecko, being one of the few browsers that does not use the Chrome browser base (Chromium) for its development.

The first thing we find when entering the new Firefox is a summary with the most important news, as well as an initial configuration in which we can configure the Privacy, light or dark theme (that applies to the interface, not to web pages) and the location of the navigation bar, which by default is now in the bottom bar but you can return to its original position.

And the truth is that in the lower area there is nothing wrong, being more accessible when you control the phone with one hand.

PC extensions at last

If we click on the ellipsis button we will have direct access to the extensions, tools to extend the functionality of Firefox.

These extensions are the same as those found in Firefox for PC, with the main difference that here the quantity is limited, and only those that are approved by Mozilla will appear. The initial list is:

  • uBlock Origin: One of the best advertising blockers, very efficient in the consumption of resources.
  • Dark Reader: Apply dark mode to any web page by customizing between various reading tones.
  • HTTPS Everywhere: Enable https connection on any website you visit.
  • Privacy Badger: Block invisible trackers.
  • NoScript: Block scripts on untrusted pages.
  • Decentraleyes: Protection against centralized traces.
  • Search by Image: Reverse image search engine compatible with Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye.
  • YouTube High Definition: Automatically plays YouTube videos in HD and offers various other tools.
  • Privacy Possum: An engine that hides and offers false information to the trackers who take our data.

You can now download the new Firefox in a stable version

The new version of Firefox (79.0.0) started rolling out yesterday and should be available on Google Play in short. In case the old version continues to appear, it would be enough to install the APK file and install it manually from stores like UptoDown or APKMirror.




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