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The new Google Assistant already knows Spanish and these are its improvements

The new Google Assistant already knows Spanish and these are its improvements

Google today announced the Pixel 4a that we have already tested, as well as the Pixel 4a 5G and 5, which will not arrive in Spain. Along with this new generation of devices we have been able to know other news, such as the arrival of a new generation of Google Assistant.

This new generation was unveiled during the last Google I / O of 2019, although it did not arrive until later with the Google Pixel 4. Still, this new generation was still not accessible to everyone, operating only in English. In recent hours, Google has announced that the new Google Assistant is beginning to reach more languages.

The new Google Assistant already understands Spanish and will arrive very soon

One of the weaknesses of voice assistants is their need to use an internet connection to understand and execute our requests. Beyond the use of data you may have, this tarnishes the end-use experience by having to wait for our query to go to a Google server, process the response and send it back to our mobile, in addition to any concerns regarding Privacy.

This limitation is not at the whim of Google, but the neural model of Google Assistant has a weight of 100 GB, a space not suitable for mobile devices (nor practically any computer). Somehow, Google has managed to reduce these 100 GB to 0.5 GB, an amount that is more acceptable to include within a mobile.

What does this size reduction allow? It practically eliminates all possible latency, making the interaction with the voice much more natural, in addition to enabling features such as being able to control the mobile only with the voice, a new driving mode or an assistant that better understands the context of our questions.

Regarding compatibility, Google continues to indicate that the devices compatible with the new Google Assistant are the Pixels of the fourth generation onwards, being compatible today with the Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL and Pixel 4a. Regarding availability, Google has stated that it will arrive soon, without actually offering a specific date.

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