The new Google mobile, the Pixel 4a, already has a presentation date

We have not been several weeks, but a few months waiting for Google to make its next cheap mobile official. Last year the Pixel 3a set a standard in aspects such as photography for the mid-range and offered the possibility of having a mobile phone directly from Google for less than € 400. The Pixel 4a will be its successor.

We have seen many rumors and leaks about this device and finally we have a date for its presentation: the August 3rd.

Google dates the Pixel 4a

The new Google mobile, the Pixel 4a, already has a presentation date

In the company’s online store there is a new section in which a model not yet commercialized appears. Well, it will appear, because it obviously hasn’t been announced yet.

Although there is no reference to the name of the device, it is clear that it is the Pixel 4a since the Pixel 5 is not expected until well into the year.

What do we know so far

Contrary to what happened last year, this time there are still doubts if we will see a model or two and say they will have 5G connectivity, something that seems almost confirmed but perhaps we will also see some model without it.

The leaked photos have confirmed a design change with a much better use of the front by the screen.

The price has not yet been filtered in any store or distributor but it is speculated that it will be the same as last year, $ 399 for the model with the smallest diagonal and about 450 in the event that we finally saw a Pixel 5a XL, something that we did not has been confirmed.

This year Google has an extra reason to contain the cost of this model and that is that Apple is selling many iPhone SE 2020s, partly for its cost.

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