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The new iPhone 12 could bring improvements in autofocus, and we will have periscope lenses in 2022

The new iPhone 12 could bring improvements in autofocus, and we will have periscope lenses in 2022

Surely many of you are taking photographs of your holidays (the peculiar holidays of 2020) with the cameras on your iPhone. Incredible cameras that are perfect since we carry them 24 hours a day with us. They are good cameras but they can always be improved … and it seems that now we already know what Apple’s plans are. According to him rumurologist Ming-Chi Kuo the next iPhone 12 will have a new focus system, and those of 2022 will come with new periscope cameras …

As we tell you, the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts that Apple’s plans go through substantially improving the auto-focus of the iPhone’s cameras with the launch of the next iPhone 12. This new approach would come from the hand of a new system of motors that rotate the lenses to achieve the desired focus unlike the spring mechanism that we have today, What if we don’t want it to be automatic? He also tells us that it would be in the year 2022 when Apple will change the current telephoto lens for a periscope camera, something we already see on devices Huawei. In this case the sensor would be located inside the iPhone and I would use a system of mirrors that would achieve more space to achieve a greater focal length reflecting the exterior of the device.

You know, all this must be taken with threads, We can never trust everything the rumors say. Ming-Chi Kuo is right sometimes but not sometimes … The truth is that in the field of smartphone cameras there is little more to add, it does make sense the issue of improving auto-focus, although in all the Keynotes they tell us that the iPhone has the best system, and it is also true That improving the cameras that we already have, in this case the telephoto camera, may be in Cupertino’s plans. We will see to see what this is all about, We already have the best cameras of a smartphone and it is possible that in a few years these cameras will go to more as all the rumors tell.

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