The new Motorola RAZR 5G foldable appears in pictures

Motorola is preparing the second edition of its folding smartphone RAZR and now we can see it in the first leaked images.

During the past year we experienced the boom of folding smartphones. The different manufacturers showed their concepts and ideas of how these devices with flexible panels should be. In the case of Motorola, we saw the resurgence of the mythical shell RAZR that conquered us not so many years ago.

Now, everything can be improved and over the next few years we will see how the concept is refined, or perhaps it will end up being discarded. At the moment, we already know that Motorola is working on the RAZR 5G, the new version of its folding and Evan Blass has filtered it in images.

Leaked images of the Motorola RAZR 5G

On these lines we can appreciate what would be the new RAZR 2020 Motorola. At first glance there are no big or drastic changes. The general concept is the same, although it does seem that some details would have been polished.

The format is similar, although there is a clear reduction in the lower edge in thickness. The hinge area is a key point in this type of folding smartphones and it is where we assume that Motorola will have continued to take more care. After all, this continuous bending of the panel and the closing system must be robust and durable enough to resist over time and ensure good performance after hundreds, thousands of openings and closings.

As for its specifications, at the moment it is early to know them, although compatibility with 5G networks would be assured. To do this, it would mount the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 processor and, according to the latest leaks, it would be accompanied by 8GB of RAM and 256GB of internal storage.

The battery Motorola RAZR 5G It would have a 2,845mAh battery and a Samsung-signed 48MP main camera, as well as a 20MP front sensor.

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