The new realme mobile will have a 6,000 mAh battery


Manufacturers are gradually achieving what until recently was unthinkable and that is to integrate high-capacity batteries without sacrificing excess design. As milliamps grow, so does the thickness and weight of the phone, but manufacturers are gradually taking the pulse of a balance that leads us to see smartphones with huge 6,000 mAh batteries.

The processors are becoming more efficient, which means that manufacturers have not had to excessively increase the capacity of the batteries to ensure the day, day and a half and up to two days of autonomy. However, in 2019 we were already surprised by see devices with 5,000 mAh, while mobiles with 6,000 mAh They are a reality in 2020 although they are still counted on the fingers of one hand.

Realme aims at 6,000 mAh

Now it is realme, the company that is making the leap to such a capacity and that is preparing the mobile phone with the largest capacity in history. The Chinese company does not hide it and has officially shown the next release of a mobile with 6,000 mAh battery. On this occasion and as you usually do with Chinese firms, it has been the director of marketing for realme in Indonesia who has been in charge of officially announcing this upcoming launch.

The manager has revealed that this new mobile meets the requests of many fans of the brand that was claiming a larger battery. In this way, we will be in front of the mobile with the company’s largest battery, which to date had not exceeded the 5,000 mAh border. However, neither the name of the terminal nor the release date has been revealed, but it is assumed that its announcement should be imminent, speculating even with the possibility of releasing a new series of large battery capacity.

Confirmed previous filtration

In this way, realme officially confirms the leaks that occurred last May. At that time, TUV certification revealed a mysterious 6,000 mAh realme device, with a battery labeled with the model number BLP792 and that will have support for fast charge. Apart from these data, the leaks have respected this new terminal very well.

realme x3 battery

Realme fast charge

The huge battery club

Keep in mind that such large batteries still require a sacrifice in design, since the thickness of the terminal and the weight can skyrocket. That is why the big manufacturers reserve these experiments to the cheapest ranges, leaving the design and sophistication intact in the flagships. Remember that Samsung has three economic bets in the 6,000 mAh range such as the Samsung Galaxy M21, Samsung Galaxy M30s and the Samsung Galaxy M31. In this way, Realme will join the battle within this large capacity, which allows a smartphone to withstand even three days away from the charger.

Written by David Girao

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