The new Samsung will have a wireless desktop mode

For many years we have seen different Android mobile manufacturers try to bring convergence to their devices. That is, to achieve that a mobile that we carry in our pocket easily becomes a computer to work with on a table.

One of the pioneers in this regard was Samsung, which with an accessory called DeX that could be bought in Spain, wanted to turn its high-end terminals into a tabletop supply.

This idea evolved and in the latest models it was not necessary to buy any type of accessory, but simply a cable with USB C and HDMI output to connect it to a monitor or television.

Samsung prepares a wireless desktop mode

The next step will be to cut, metaphorically, that cable, as we see in a leak that shows us what the interface and part of the code for the new DeX will be like.

The new Samsung will have a wireless desktop mode

Thanks to the use of native applications for Mac and Windows, Samsung will allow its DeX software to communicate wirelessly with our mobile, so we can use our computers as phone extensions.

Obviously, part of the grace of this novelty lies in not needing a computer so it remains to be seen how Samsung integrates the sending of the desktop interface to devices such as televisions. With those of Samsung itself surely there are not many problems but we will have to wait to know if it is possible to use wireless DeX in televisions of other manufacturers, perhaps compatible with the Miracast protocol.

However, being able to use this desktop mode on a TV is guaranteed as it is seen in the application code itself: DREAM_DEX_HEADER_USE_DEX_WIRELESSLY_M_TIPS.

Surely this function will see the light in the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 on August 5 so we will not have to wait long to know everything about it.

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