the new security feature of Samsung One UI

One UI is the customization layer present in Samsung phones, which has become one of the most versatile and complete layers in Android, thanks to its design and its many functions, which we can enjoy in Spain. The security and privacy of users is something that has become increasingly important, so the layer introduces a new function.

AltZLife features is the name with which Samsung has baptized these functions, whose deployment has begun in India, before they reach other markets. These features are intended to improve security on brand phones with One UI.

Samsung One UI improves security

One UI Secure Folder

The Galaxy A71 and A51 are the first phones for which these new functions have been officially launched, although it is expected that in the coming weeks the rest of Samsung phones with One UI will have access to these functions as well, in addition to expanding throughout the world. These are functions that are introduced in the security section of the brand’s interface.

The first function they leave us is Quick Switch, which is a function that assumes that the applications now have a private mode. A kind of incognito mode, which we can use with any application installed on the phone. This private mode will have the ability to restrict certain accesses or permissions, although it has not yet been said what they will be, nor is it known if it will work with all apps. To access it, you simply have to quickly press the power button twice.

Samsung also improves the Secure Folder present in One UI. The brand introduces suggestions, which will allow the system to detect which files are more sensitive and should be protected, so that you will have a suggestion that will tell you that it is advisable to also save these files in this Secure Folder. In addition, it will be possible to move those files with a single touch on the screen, to make it more comfortable.

Two features that improve security in One UI. At the moment there are two telephones that have access to it, although it is to be assumed that more telephones within the catalog of the Chinese brand will also be updated with the passage of weeks, but we wait for some news in this regard.

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