The new time sphere reminds us that Google has not forgotten Wear OS

Wear OS is the official Google operating system for smart watches based on Android and compatible with Android and iOS mobiles. This system is one of the most advanced for wearables, although its inconsistent evolution makes it far from systems such as Apple or Samsung.

Although its evolution is slow, sometimes we find small improvements that help make the user experience feel complete. The last of these is a new time sphere that is beginning to unfold.

The new Wear OS time dial

Last May 2019 Google announced one of the best news about Wear OS in the experience of using its interface. His official name are Tiles, and they are alternative dials to the clock that offer us information on a specific screen and quick access, without the need to open the application.

This feature mimics in functionality the widget system in Samsung’s Tizen OS, included in the Gear S and Galaxy Watch, although in the Google system it is less open to developers, which limits its potential.

Source: Reddit

Google is updating its tile of Time, perhaps one of the most important for day to day with a smartwach. Is tile It has a more minimalist design in which we see the forecast in the place where we are, current temperature, as well as the minimums and maximums expected for today.

This new tile as of today it is not available for everyone, as highlighted in 9to5 Google. Hopefully, it will gradually start reaching all users in the coming weeks through a deployment from Google’s servers.

The new sphere of time is far from an incentive to bet on Wear OS by itself, but a reminder that, from time to time, Google continues to agree that it still has a system for smart watches.

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