Fresh ‘n Rebel has launched its new Twins and Twins Pro headphones, True Wireless headphones that hit the market with several color options and two different models: with and without silicone pads, to suit all tastes and ears.

True Wireless headphones are without a doubt the most fashionable technological product of the last two years. Its comfort and the increasingly better features that it offers us have made even the most skeptical people fall in love, leaving behind the uncomfortable cables. Fresh’n Rebel wanted to join this trend by offering us a product with some of its own characteristics that set it apart from the rest. If we talk about autonomy we can say that we have up to 24 hours of playback thanks to its charging box, with 4 hours on a single charge of the headphones, and a charge time of one hour, both for the headphones and for the box. They have a USB-C connector and are compatible with wireless charging.

Regarding sound quality, the brand promises a higher level, with the possibility of using the headphones independently even for phone calls thanks to its independent microphones. The touch controls allow us to skip songs, start or stop playback, answer and hang up calls as well as invoke our virtual assistant. The headphones will automatically connect when removed from the box, and will disconnect when reinserted.

But Fresh’n Rebel has wanted to make a difference with the rest, and for this reason it has not only opted for a very careful design, but also for offering what few offer in the market. For this reason, it offers us a wide range of colors to choose the one we like best: mint green, blue, pink, red, light gray and dark gray. But he also wants whatever your ear is, these headphones fit you perfectly, that’s why he has launched two models: Twins and Twins Tip, the latter with a silicone pad that molds to your ear canal. Whichever headphone model you like best, you’ll have a choice with these new Twins. And we can not forget the resistance to water, so that we are not spoiled by playing sports or walking in the rain. The new Fresh’n Rebel Twins are Available today at Fnac for a very interesting price given the performance of these headphones: € 79.99.