The new Xiaomi children's mobile that looks like a portable console


If you think the pace of Xiaomi’s launches in Europe is hectic, don’t want to know what the company has set up in China. Everything that arrives in Spain or we can see in the official Xiaomi stores, is just the tip of the iceberg of a monstrous product portfolio. Now, we have known the existence of a new mobile prepared by Xiaomi and reminiscent of the classic Nintendo GameBoy, since it is a device focused on children.

Many of the Xiaomi launches do not reach Spain, but in this case, we are dealing with one of those products that we would not mind seeing in our market. We are talking about a new smartphone focused on children, which has been for sale on the Xiaomi Youpin platform in China.

mobile xiaomi game boy 01

Small and shaped like a portable console

We are dealing with a device of small size, which hardly resembles a smartphone in use. Its shape is more reminiscent of a portable video game console from the 90 GameBoy styles. The device is available in white and pink colors and despite its simplicity, it has enough options to be considered a smartphone. Your screen has a 240 x 240 pixel resolution and has support forto Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2, in addition to GPS, something necessary to have an accurate positioning in the case of a mobile focused on children. It also supports 4G eSIM for calls and data.

xiaomi mobile game boy style

The phone, called Qin AI, has basic services such as messages, alarms and a native app so that it can be installed on the parents’ mobile and thus have full control. Also, has the XiaoAI assistant from Xiaomi, since it works with an adapted Android layer. Children can ask the assistant for a call with their parents or compose a text message. Obviously, the crosshead and buttons is intended to offer a more comfortable gaming experience.

We want it, but we won’t see it

The price of the mobile is 399 yuan, about 50 euros to change. It is one of those products that we would not mind seeing in our market, but the possibilities of its arrival outside the Chinese borders are very slim. The terminal is for sale on the Xiaomi Youpin platform, an online store created in 2010 where the company offers third-party products to which it has given the go-ahead and that it sometimes adopts for its own portfolio.

Written by David Girao

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