The news of Realme UI that we will see in its updates


The firm Realme has focused its developments on the community, making that through its official forums users can offer ideas and alternatives to continue improving with news Realme UI. The customization layer that the company uses to offer customization extras and added adjustments with the intention of competing against One UI, MIUI or EMUI among others.

Although there have been many proposals that the community has offered, finally with the votes of its users they have finally been 8 important changes that we will see soon in the realme mobiles. These changes will allow us to take more advantage of the smartphone and take a step forward in a layer of personalization that has great aspirations.

The changes that will come to your mobile

The community has voted on the well-known challenge as 100 Pioneer Challenge, which gives us a series of great changes to discover yet. Among the novelties we find some that may not be amazing because Xiaomi or Samsung already integrate them in their customization layers, but which will still be very useful for users of the Realme X2 Pro or the recently presented Realme X3.

Realme screen

  • Ultra energy saving mode: a feature that will allow you to increase energy saving by deactivating many aspects of connectivity and limiting processes.
  • Receive an alert when the mobile is fully charged or a full percentage.
  • Options to convert to PDF and print from gallery will be added.
  • Create a WiFi zone and share it through a QR code.
  • Support third-party icons in Realme UI.
  • More information about charging and discharging the battery graphically.
  • Block important notifications, with the intention of not accidentally deleting them.
  • Change the color of the settings.

When will you start receiving news from Realme

Although the company has not given an explanation in this regard, when presenting the challenge it was announced that these changes could be part of what we will see in Realme UI 2.0. The beta phase of this update that also includes Android 11 is already underway so we will not have to wait too long to see them on selected phones.

realme UI 2.0 realme x2 pro

Not yet all the mobiles that will be updated have been announced, something that could arrive in September with the first implementations of these news. If our mobile will not be updated to Realme UI 2.0 it is portable that we stay without being able to enjoy these features, but the vast majority of devices will do it sooner or later.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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