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The news of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, in video

The news of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra, in video

Someone has tried the Galaxy Note20 Ultra ahead of time and videotaped it. Again.

Someone has tested the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra within weeks of his presentation, and has videotaped it.* Again. If the first time we were able to see in great detail the design of the new flagship smartphone that Samsung will present on August 5, this time we have been able to see how some of the news works that will include this series of smartphones, made up of the Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra.

The video, published on the YouTube channel Jimmy is Promo, show some of the new features which will introduce the software of the next Note series models, including some exclusive camera features and other changes that will come with version 2.5 of the One UI customization layer.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra copper

This will be the Galaxy Note20 Ultra in its new copper color.

The Galaxy Note20 Ultra can be seen on video once again

As soon as the video begins, the lucky owner of this preliminary unit of the Galaxy Note20 Ultra shows A comparison of the rear with that of the Galaxy S20 Ultra presented at the beginning of the year, where you can see the differences between the photographic systems of each of the terminals.

You can see how, on this occasion, Samsung would have bet on a system of three cameras on the back, of which one of them – the one located at the bottom – is a periscope type lens which will act as a “telephoto”. According to previously known clues, the sensor will offer 5x optical zoom, and digital of up to fifty. Just later in the video you can see how 5x and 50x zoom options are integrated into the camera app.

You can also take a look at the camera app settings, which show how the device will be capable of capturing video at 8k resolution at a rate of 24 FPS. The possibility of record in a 21: 9 format, a aspect ratio frequently used in the film industry.

Without leaving the video section yet, we can confirm Samsung’s commitment in this field thanks to a series of advanced options that will give users greater control over the parameters when capturing video clips. It is the case of histogram, a tool that will allow you to achieve the most appropriate level of exposure in each scene when recording.

Finally, the video shows in more detail the operation of Nearby Share, the new system of File transfer between Android devices without the need for an Internet connection. Everything indicates that this tool will coexist alongside Quick Share, Samsung’s own file transfer tool that debuted alongside the Galaxy S20.

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