The next Apple smartphone could learn from the iPad

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Despite various component leaks and CAD drawings of the alleged iPhone 12, there are still small surprises a few weeks before the next Apple smartphone is presented. New photos show a previously unknown innovation in the iPhone 12 and the official cases.

iPhone 2020

iPhone 12: Images show magnets in the case and case

Apple already uses a variety of small magnets in the iPad Pro, for attaching and perfectly aligning sleeves and keyboards. However, these have not yet been used on the iPhone. So far, because as new leaks show, the company from California will apparently also equip the iPhone 12 and the official cases with many small magnets.

YouTuber EverythingApplePro has in the past few hours several pictures that come from the Chinese network Weibo, on Twitter released. The MacRumors colleagues took a closer look and were able to count 36 individual magnets.

It can currently only be speculated as to what Apple will use this arrangement of magnets for. The most likely answers to the question about the purpose are, on the one hand, the use in conjunction with a wireless charging mat or simply to attach the iPhone.

But not only components for the housing of the iPhone 12 have emerged. A few hours after the first photos, the YouTuber also showed an image of an official Apple case, in which such magnets were integrated in the same arrangement:

The magnets could also help to realize wireless charging with the iPhone, which has been rumored for a long time. Even with the iPhone 11, it was suspected in advance that the case of the AirPods or the Apple Watch could be charged on the back of the smartphone, for example. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple dismissed this technique because it was said to be inefficient.

Apple is also using magnets for the iPad Pro (2020). This allows the tablet to float over the Magic Keyboard:

iPhone 12: magnets in the smartphone as a harbinger of AirPower?

Regarding charging the iPhone with the help of a Qi charging mat, there are still reports after the official termination of the AirPower project that Apple is again working on such a solution of its own. Ming-Chi Kuo reported in January that Apple would present a small charging mat in the first half of the year – but nothing of this kind has yet to be seen.

The magnets could cause the iPhone – or the accessories to be charged from an iPhone – to slip into the perfect position as if by magic on an appropriately equipped charging mat. This could possibly result in a more efficient charging process.

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