The next Apple Watch would have a blood oxygen sensor

It has been rumored for years and it seems that it could finally come true with the Apple Watch series 6. Pulse oximetry, or determination of blood oxygen will be possible in the next smartwatch from Apple.

Apple could finally add to its Apple Watch the possibility of measuring the “oxygen saturation” in blood. This feature is already present in some similar devices on the market, but the company has not wanted to add it to its smartwatch, perhaps waiting to have a sensor that enables reliable measurements that can be certified by the FDA and that allows you to expand the “medical” functions of the Apple Watch.

Pulse oximetry allows the measurement of blood oxygen without the need to extract blood, that is, non-invasively. The technique is quite similar to that already used by the heart rate sensor, using photoelectric methods that allow knowing the amount of oxygen that hemoglobin carries, the protein in our red blood cells that is in charge of transporting that fundamental element for life.

A healthy person must have blood oxygen levels close to 100%. The reasons that this percentage may be lower can be very varied, both for lung and heart diseases, but also for other transitory situations. Continuous measurement of blood oxygen can be a tool very useful for sick people, but also for athletes, thus encompassing the two aspects to which Apple has wanted to guide the use of its smartwatch: health and sport.

We do not know if the Apple Watch will also suffer a delay of several weeks in its launch, as Apple announced yesterday for the next iPhone. SSurely the presentation will be joint, this September, but perhaps it can be launched before the iPhone, which is not expected until well into October.

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