The next OnePlus Nord is in development and will release a processor

One of the mobile manufacturers that is starring the most in recent days is OnePlus. The reason is the presentation and launch of its latest model, a terminal that inaugurates a new family within the manufacturer and focuses on users who are looking for a mid-range mobile.

We have been able to analyze the OnePlus Nord, and it can already be purchased in Spain, even with some discount that makes it even more interesting. In fact, this terminal has been designed for Europe and India, but it will not reach other markets such as the United States.

Rumors of a new OnePlus Nord

In fact, many youtubers and American media have been able to analyze this smartphone even if it is not going to be put up for sale in your country.

Those responsible for the brand have been asked about this and have replied that a new Nord could arrive in this country, although they have not given more details.

The next OnePlus Nord is in development and will release a processor

Today we have learned that the company is working on a different model than the one we know in Spain, the one we analyzed a few days ago. This new variant would be characterized by using Qualcomm’s new processor, the Snapdragon 690, a chipset that would take 5G to cheaper phones.

We do not know if this new smartphone would be a complement to the Nord that would be put on sale in the same markets that we have tested or if it will be the model that will be sold exclusively in the United States.

If in addition to America OnePlus decides to put this second Nord, presumably cheaper, on sale in India or Europe, the best-known manufacturers will have a new rival in the market segment that has more competition, one that is doing things well in the middle range.

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