The next professional app is on the tablet

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Owners of an iPad can be happy: After it had been quiet for a long time, a well-known developer is now back at full throttle and wants to bring one of his most popular professional apps to the tablet. Interested parties can even take part in advance.

iPad Pro (2020)

In the past decade, Apple’s iPad has come a remarkable way. Initially mocked as an “inflated iPhone”, the tablet has been a serious work tool and laptop replacement since the Pro version introduced in 2015 at the latest. The popular apps from Adobe should not be missing.

Adobe Illustrator for the iPad: Beta program planned for tablet version

The well-known image editing program Photoshop landed on the iPad last year. In the course of the release, Adobe also announced that it would soon bring Illustrator to the Apple tablet. After that it got quiet – until now. According to Caschy’s blog, Adobe is currently looking to beta test Illustrator for the iPad. If you want to test the new app in advance, you have to apply and Adobe answer a few questions using a form. Among other things, the software developer wants to know whether you’ve already worked with Illustrator or Creative Cloud.

Adobe Illustrator is a graphics and painting program based on vectors. The advantage over Photoshop is that you can change the size of the graphics created there without having to accept a loss of quality.

The new features in the upcoming iPadOS 14:

Affinity Designer: The Illustrator alternative for the iPad

When the beta program ends or when the Illustrator version for the iPad will finally appear, Adobe does not reveal in the survey. Those who don’t want to wait for the release can have a look at Serif’s “Affinity Designer” in the App Store. The app is also a vector-based graphics program and is considered by many iPad users to be a veritable alternative to Adobe Illustrator. In addition to Affinity Designer, Serif also has Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher in its portfolio, which are supposed to offer an alternative to Photoshop and InDesign. The apps are available for both iOS and macOS.

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