The novelties of the Black Shark 3S that every gamer wants on their mobile

Regardless of its family of devices, Xiaomi is one of the companies most committed to the DNA of mobile gaming today. Not surprisingly, his Black Shark family is already one of the most popular, whose next evolution is about to see the light. Before that happens and in order not to leave room for leaks, it has been Xiaomi itself that has been responsible for gutting some of the main news of the new Black Shark 3S.

Gaming mobiles are launched apart from high-end smartphones. Although they may have the same processor as the most powerful mobiles on the market, they usually have designs more adapted to the gaming world or custom interfaces for the game and functions that facilitate a better experience in games. He Xiaomi Black Shark 3S will soon be a reality, since Xiaomi has set its presentation for July 31. However, its novelties begin to put the long teeth of many gamers.

black shark 3s

Black Shark 3S: its main novelties

As Xiaomi has revealed in its profile of the Chinese social network Weibo, the terminal will have interesting news such as a new Screen Mirroring mode, motion controls customizable, support for keyboard and mouse input and new options to manage notifications or incoming calls during games.

Keyboard and mouse control

One of the most striking options is that the new Screen Mirroring will allow the user connect the charger’s USB cable to a laptop or PC to reflect the mobile screen through the Black Shark application. This also allows content to be sent to a larger screen while maintaining 60 fps. In addition, the Black Shark 3S will be able to control games with a new mouse and keyboard support.

xiaomi black shark 3s connected to the pc

Movement control

However, one of the new options and possibly the most spectacular, is the new motion control function, which will trigger actions within the games. This means that the user will be able to customize a movement with a specific command or a particular action. If we see it in the context of a practical example, the user can, for example, tilt the device down to recharge or up to jump. This reduces screen interactions and makes it possible to execute some options more quickly.

Notification management

The Black Shark move with JOYUI 12, a custom layer specially designed to give all the menus and options the gaming touch they deserve. On this occasion, Xiaomi will add “Game Barrage” that allows you to manage notifications from different applications during games. They can be customized to change their color or opacity, so they can be viewed without disturbing when playing.

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