The number of SMITE players rises to an all-time high thanks to Avatar: The Last Airbender Battle Pass

Almost five years after its release, Titan Forge Games’ SMITE peaked with simultaneous players. According to the Steam Data Mining website Steam Charts, the free action MOBA recorded the highest number of players ever with 27,842 players. There are currently 17,832 players in the game.

In line with the usual top-down RTS-inspired formula of the genre, SMITE is played from the perspective of a third person. Players follow in the footsteps of fantasy-inspired gods and mythical creatures from Medusa to Thor. Hi-Rez Studios initially developed SMITE before it was handed over to the in-house studio Titan Forge Games in August 2018, which focuses exclusively on the development and operation of SMITE.

SMITE has been experiencing a steady resurgence since March of this year, presumably supported by gamers who turned to the game as they searched for entertainment after extensive pandemic closures. In February the average number of 24-hour players was around 10,000 and rose to over 16,000 in April.

This recent surge in players coincides with the launch of the SMITE crossover avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra Battle Pass. With yesterday’s mid-season update, Titan Forge introduced the Battle Pass in SMITE and sparked a wave of interest when the peak of the simultaneous number of players is considered a measure of its attractiveness.

As the name suggests, the Battle Pass introduces skins, announcer packs and animated avatars inspired by characters from the well-known cult animation series, including Zuko, Aang and Avatar Korra. These skins can be played on the popular SMITE gods Merlin, Susano and Skadi.

As we reported at the end of last month:

“These characters use their elemental powers to bend water, earth, fire and air for long-range and melee attacks. These character models and skins all look pretty good and are a pretty well done translation of the 2D character designs from the TV show into the art style and general mood of Smite. From what we can see so far, the artists and programmers have done a great job. “

These are unlocked at different Battle Pass levels. Here is the full distribution of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra:

  • Team Avatar jump stamp
  • PABU! Avatar
  • The avatar loading screen
  • The avatar title
  • Zuko Susano
  • Korra Skadi
  • Aang Merlin
  • The Avatar loading frame
  • Aang Announcer Pack
  • Zuko Announcer Pack
  • Korra Announcer Pack
  • Air Nomad’s animated avatar
  • Water Tribe Animated Avatar
  • Animated Avatar of the Fire Nation
  • Animated Avatar of the Earth Kingdom
  • My cabbages! Global emote
  • Raava & Vatu death stamp
  • Appa Ward skin
  • Naga Ward skin
  • The Level Up Skin elements
  • The Avatar Friends Jump Stamp
  • Blue ghost Susano
  • Avatar Korra Skadi
  • Avatar Aang Merlin

Although SMITE can be played for free, the Battle Pass requires a purchase to get back £ 17.59 / $ 24.99 for the Avatar x SMITE bundle. The package includes the Avatar: The Last Airbender Plus Pass as well as Merlin, Susano, Skadi and their language packs. You can also opt for the full SMITE Season Pass 2020 for £ 29.99 / $ 39.99, which gives access to all limited skins and gods from season 7 onwards. Both are available on Steam and the Epic Games Store. Alternatively, you can unlock the Battle Pass for 750 of SMITE’s incredibly slow gem currency in the game.

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