The OLED televisions Panasonic HZ1000 and HZ1500 arrive in Spain and we already know their price

The OLED televisions Panasonic HZ1000 and HZ1500 arrive in Spain and we already know their price

The new range of Panasonic OLED televisions comes to market. The new range of the Japanese manufacturer has been made to beg, but the first models are put on sale today in Spain and we already know their official price. Specifically, the models that we can already acquire are the Panasonic HZ1000 and Panasonic HZ1500, two OLED televisions with 4K resolution and which have the Dolby Vision IQ system and the Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing as a great novelty. In addition, they are certified “Netflix Tv Recommended” and calibrated mode for Netflix. Let’s get to know its features and price a little better.

The most cinematic televisions

Once again, Panasonic wants to be the television of choice for users who want the most cinematic image. Both models have the professional calibration given by Stefan Sonnenfeld, a prominent Hollywood colorist. On the other hand, Panasonic engineers work with two Hollywood studios to ensure maximum fidelity to the directors’ creative intentions.

All Panasonic OLED 2020 televisions incorporate Filmmaker Mode and Dolby Vision IQ. He Filmmaker Mode is a new imaging mode that has been developed by the UHD Alliance. It is a mode that respects the frame rate, aspect ratio, color, sharpness, and content contrast, while disabling noise reduction.

new Panasonic HZ1000 and HZ1500 DV IQ

This mode we will also see in other manufacturers, but Panasonic has added Intelligent Sensing, a sensor that intelligently adjusts the image according to the ambient light. The use of these advanced sensors allows the viewing to be perfect even in bright spaces, achieving a more immersive experience in any condition. Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing is exclusive to Panasonic and supports HDR10 +, HDR10, HLD and SDR content.

Panasonic has not forgotten about Dolby Vision. To expand the capabilities of this format, it has included in its 2020 OLED TV range the new Dolby Vision IQ. This system uses dynamic Dolby Vision metadata to intelligently display every detail of content, adjusting to the brightness of the room and the needs of the space. With Dolby Vision IQ we will be able to see any content as the creator has conceived it and in any light condition.

Dolby Atmos sound with integrated speakers

new Panasonic HZ1000 and HZ1500 Dolby Atmos

Another novelty that we found this year is that the Panasonic HZ1500 has ceiling-facing speakers and front speakers, plus a center subwoofer for deeper bass.

That is, it inherits the sound system that we met last year on the Panasonic GZ2000. This provides an immersive “360º Soundscape” sound and audio experience thanks to the Dolby Atmos technology.

At the design level, the most striking change is that both models have a swivel and circular base. They also come with the operating system My Home Screen 5.0, a version with improvements in usability. In addition, this version includes XUMO, the free streaming service that offers different types of television channels.

Price and availability

new Panasonic HZ1000 and HZ1500 prices

The new Panasonic OLEDs are available at 55 and 65 inches. Between them, as we have seen, the difference is minimal. At the image level, both models have exactly the same characteristics and, like last year, we have the difference in the sound section.

Here you have the prices of the new OLED models from Panasonic:

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