The OnePlus Nord has just been introduced and is already on sale

OnePlus today unveiled the OnePlus Nord, its new turning point towards cheaper mobiles without sacrificing exceptional quality. This terminal has surprised us a lot in the first impressions, but it has done more at the moment that we have known its price.

The OnePlus Nord starts from 399 euros, a very competitive price for the hardware and software features it includes. The best of all? That on the same day of the presentation we can already buy it at a reduced price.

The OnePlus Nord can now be purchased for 369 euros on Amazon

The OnePlus Nord is the new device that OnePlus has introduced today. It is a terminal that runs away from the trend of the company to offer increasingly higher mobiles and recover part of the essence, reminding us of those years when OnePlus was a reference for its magnificent quality in contained price.

Despite the fact that our analysis will arrive in the next few days, we have already been able to test the mobile and you can read our impressions to know if it is a suitable mobile for you.

At the time of writing these lines, OnePlus Nord has an Amazon promotion, from which it offers a discount of 30 euros if you are an Amazon Prime user. This discount is applied to the final price of the product and is valid for all models, either 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage (369 euros) or 12 GB of RAM and 256 of storage (469 euros). If you were already competitive, this discount is exceptional.