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The OnePlus Nord is updated with improvements for its camera

The OnePlus Nord is updated with improvements for its camera

The OnePlus Nord is the new mid-range phone of the Chinese brand, which became official several weeks ago and that we can already buy in Spain. Since its presentation, the brand has been launching several updates for this smartphone, which have been introducing several improvements. The most recent of these is possibly the most important.

Oxygen OS 10.5.4 for OnePlus Nord is the name of the new update that the brand has already begun to officially release. In this new update a series of improvements are being released for the phone, mainly aimed at improving its cameras.

The OnePlus Nord camera is improved

From today, August 10, this update is being released for the OnePlus Nord, where we find a number of improvements for the phone. Most of these improvements are intended to improve the cameras of the device, although we found solutions to problems as well, such as the bug that played background music when using the front camera.

What improvements are made to the cameras? Color accuracy is improved when taking photosplus white balance for low-light selfies. Also the vitality and intensity of the colors, as well as their precision, in the macro camera. The update also improves the quality of video calls on the phone.

Other improvements that are introduced in this OnePlus Nord with the update are a better experience in using the screen, as well as increased speed in the gallery application. A speed that we will notice when opening the application on the phone. In general, they are changes that should make the experience of using this mid-range much better for users.

Oxygen OS 10.5.4 for this OnePlus Nord has started to roll out already today. If you have this Chinese brand phone, you can update soon, if you have not already received this update. It is being launched through an OTA, so you just have to wait to receive the notification that informs you of its availability. The best thing is to update using a WiFi connection, so as not to consume your data rate.

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