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the option to follow users reaches everyone

the option to follow users reaches everyone

In the tech world, it’s already almost a joke that Google has never been good at making social apps. He did not get his social network to curdle and he does not have a messaging application at the height of the giants that are WhatsApp or Telegram.

But when the company shows its best face it is not when it tries to imitate its competitors, but when it creates its own products that little by little evolve into, perhaps, something that increasingly resembles what the competition offers.

Google Maps is a good example of this. An application that was born as a GPS navigator and that has evolved towards a list of companies, recommender of places, etc.

We even saw how the company took certain steps to turn Google Maps, in its own way, into a social network. The idea was to enable the possibility that Local Guides, the most advanced users of Google Maps, could show their content to the rest. Now that changes and anyone can follow any user, as in other social networks.

Google Maps is more social network than ever

Revolution in Google Maps: the option to follow users reaches everyone

The change announced today by the company affects all Google Maps profiles. From now on, the number of followers and followers we have will appear, as in other networks such as Twitter.

We can add new profiles that interest us and we can also be added. To know at a glance if a profile could interest us, a series of categories and words will appear in each one, referring to the topics on which the profile most comments in the app’s ratings or on which it uploads photos.

If we don’t want this to happen in our profile we can restrict our profile so no one can add us without our active approval.

Invites you to put on the mask

Another novelty, in this minor case, of Google Maps is a new notice that appears on the home screen and reminds us that we should put on a mask before going outside.

It is not the first time that the application uses its huge base of facilities to promote messages that help us against the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the next few days we will see how our Google Maps application is updated and we will have these changes active.

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