The perfect mobile according to the founder of Xiaomi

Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi, has surprised people and strangers talking on their social networks about how their perfect smartphone would be … Will Xiaomi build one like this?

There is no doubt that for young firms like Xiaomi or OnePlus the handling of hype media It has been much more than important in its growth, but it is also Both Lei Jun and Carl Pei usually use their social networks to communicate with a community of users always comfortable in this relationship that benefits everyone.

In fact, Xiaomi CEO himself is a regular on Weibo, where in recent days he has been chatting with fans about what features would your ideal smartphone have, hinting that Xiaomi could present in this second half of the year a high-performance mobile with some of these specifications that for Lei Jun are key.

The Xiaomi Mi 10 with its transparent suit

In picture, the Xiaomi Mi 10 with its unprecedented transparent suit

Android Authority told us, also publishing a capture of the conversation, where Xiaomi CEO and founder spoke of dual speakers among other aspects, such as 3.5 mm audio-jack connector, NFC, 30x zoom or a +4,500 mAh battery with wireless fast charge.

The CEO and founder of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, has been chatting on the popular social network Weibo about the specifications that his perfect mobile would have with his fans, hinting that there will surely be some high-performance Xiaomi smartphone for the second half that could integrate these functions

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Lei Jun says what his perfect smartphone would look like

Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, tells us what his perfect smartphone would be like

This is the ideal smartphone for the founder of Xiaomi

Obviously we should not take out of context what has been a conversation with Xiaomi users and fans on a social network, but we already know that many times These manufacturers have used Weibo as a perfect platform to launch a probe balloon and capture the opinions of the community. when designing their next terminals.

Also, really it would be strange for the CEO of Xiaomi to talk about these specifications on his ideal mobile , and then the manufacturer that commands us to place submit a flagship without these features, which in the end are all of these:

  • Dual stereo speaker
  • Linear vibration motor for haptic response
  • High refresh rate display
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • NFC
  • IR port for remote control
  • Zoom 30x or higher
  • Front and rear optical sensor for sensitive brightness control
  • 4,500 mAh or more of capacity in its battery
  • Wireless charging
  • Steam chamber cooling

It should be remembered that xda-developers already signed up a few weeks ago in new Xaiomi smartphones with fast 120W charging and Qualcomm’s most performance chipsets, adding later rumors of a device with MediaTek hardware for the Redmi range.

Not in vain, at roadmap that leaked a few weeks ago More than 15 Xiaomi devices that would arrive before the end of 2020 were mentioned, and apparently some of them they will have specifications like the ones that Lei Jun commented on secure Weibo, as an IR port that in the Asian markets is still a must have for smartphones.

Now it’s your turn to comment, What would be the characteristics of your ideal mobile? Do you agree with Lei Jun? In my case for example, I prefer more battery than more zoom in the main camera, and certainly a high refresh rate display and high quality audio they are basic to me.

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