The peseta returns and comes back to help

The peseta returns and comes back to help

In each house there is a hidden loot, they are those pesetas that we relegate to the drawers after the change to the euro. Most likely they are gathering dust right now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can use those pesetas for a good cause, being in solidarity in the times we are living in is more valuable than a handful of coins. We are going to tell you how you can help the Madrid Food Bank with your pesetas.

The peseta returns and does so to help the Madrid Food Bank

Before entering the matter, a bit of context: currently there are still 1,607 million Euros in Pesetas distributed by the millions of Spanish households. The figure is important, although the differential detail is that this year is the last we have to exchange these pesetas for euros. Taking into account the situation in which we find ourselves and thinking about the people who need it most, these pesetas can acquire a solidarity value. With this in mind, the Madrid Food Bank proposes to retire these forgotten coins in the best possible way, by donating them.

The first thing we have to do is find the pesetas that we have at home. You have to look closely, because years have passed since the last time they were in circulation and they may be in the most unexpected places. Once we have collected all the pesetas that we had at home, what we must do is go to the Peseta Solidaria website, this website is the one that has been enabled for this initiative. Now is the funniest part, we have to add the total we have to fill out the donation form. It does not have to be exact as different donation bands are supported. Participation can be done from anywhere in Spain. Now it only remains to fill in the data: name, surname, email, postal code. Ready, now you just have to wait.

The collection of the pesetas will be done when possible and we would only have to keep them safe in the meantime. The monetary objective to be achieved is 12 million euros and is, more or less, the number of pesetas exchanged for euros in a year during the last five years. In addition, this charitable activity has an immediate recipient which is the Madrid Food Bank. So now you know, it’s time to get down to work to find that loot that you have hidden at home and then participate in this solidarity initiative. We encourage you to participate and share this with your family, friends and neighbors. Let’s see if together we can reach the goal as soon as possible.

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