The placement of magnets in the iPhone 12 raises expectations


A leak of the back of the iPhone 12 and an official case of the Cupertino company has just raised immense expectations about its possible use. It is evident that the leaks or rumors may end up being nothing, but in this case they seem to be true and they show magnets in the center of the chassis placed in a circular shape that could be used to charge the device.

In this case, the leak comes from the Chinese social network Weibo and all kinds of rumors can be found in this social network. Logically this circular matrix of magnets could be used in a possible charging base of the company itself and it is more obvious when we see the official case with this same arrangement of the magnets.

A new kind of case, reverse wireless charging or even AirPower

Basically the rumors point in many ways and we do not have to take everything they say to the letter, but this way of placing the magnets in the device could be to give compatibility to the Smart Folio type cases for the iPad but on the iPhoneReverse wireless charging was a reality by placing a watch or other device on the back of the iPhone 12, or the AirPower charging base made an appearance again.

Whatever the reason for these magnets, and although this rumor is officially confirmed, we do not have any confirmation from the company. What is clear is that next September we could see some interesting news beyond 5G, the new processors and others.

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