"The Pochers here!" today for the first time in the livestream

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Today the Pochers present their podcast baby for the first time live from a drive-in cinema.

Their own TV show, now their own podcast: Comedian Oliver Pocher and his wife Amira don’t leave out any section. Give me will stream live on August 14th from 8 p.m. For the first time, a live podcast show exclusively and free of charge. The show takes place in the “Autokino Kulturwasen in Stuttgart”.

In their new Audio Now podcast “The Pochers here!” Oliver and Amira give deep insights into their lives and tell what happened to them during the week and what concerns them. Anyone who follows the two on social media already knows that there is a lot to report. Oliver Pocher also promises the ruthless truth in Stuttgart and Amira sees herself sweeping up the pieces.

Givemelive.de is Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland’s new live streaming guide, which was launched in May. The streaming service wants to make it easier for users to choose by providing a curated overview of the digital live stream events. The Audio Now podcast “Die Pochers hier!” Jumped to number 2 on the iTunes charts within 48 hours of its release. With so much positive feedback, Amira and Oliver are now ready to present their weekly update to the fans live in a summer drive-in cinema atmosphere.

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