The possible new models of the most legendary mobiles


The history of mobile telephony has left us large terminals that were successful and were later forgotten. The big manufacturers put in our hands mythical terminals that marked an era. However, and as has been shown, if ripped pants and vinyl records have been able to re-sell, it is also possible to revive classic brands that were once in fashion. The most recent example we have seen with the new Motorola Razr.

The gallons of past success and the power of nostalgia have enabled Motorola to resurrect in folding form, a mythical brand such as Razr, which in the early 2000s brought the Motorola Razr V3 to Olympus of the best-selling mobile phones in the history. Even Nokia continues to squeeze past glories with re-editions of its most classic terminals, which now look renewed and may have applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook inside, without forgetting the classic snake.

Motorola Razr 2019

New Motorola Razr

Classic mobiles: a success and innovators

But if we remember, we can think of asking the big manufacturers to revive other brands, which, more or less triumphing, in their day they were synonymous with innovation and daring, something that, apart from the new folding mobiles, today’s industry lacks. Years ago each model was an adventure, where there were no design molds and in which each operating system was a box of surprises to discover.

The new Chinese actors present in the market cannot look back, since they have many years of experience than their classic rivals. If many of these brands were to ask themselves again, they could take advantage of the wave of nostalgia to launch renewed versions From the following families, something why not say it, we would love it to be a reality.

Xperia play

It was one of the last collaborations between Ericsson and Sony. He Xperia Play was a mobile ahead of its time. What seemed like it was going to be a lasting brand that was going to give way to several generations (the Xperia Play 2 was rumored for a long time) was no more than an anecdote at the time we were able to play at the 2011 MWC.

sony xperia play

In the era of gaming processors, mobile games and big screens, it may Now an Xperia Play does have its place. Almost 10 years ago, the vertiginous advance of the industry and users, did not know how to understand that they were facing something that today would make more sense. We continue to dream of Sony recovering the Xperia Play brand …

Alcatel One Touch Easy

The Alcatel One Touch Easy was a best seller when it was launched in 1998. Although the brand has not resisted abandoning this label in some of its releases, it has been relegated to the background. We wouldn’t mind seeing a totally revamped One Touch Easy that could fight in the mid-range or entry as did the original model, which was put into the hands of millions of teenagers who released their first mobile phone.

alcatel one touch easy

Nokia N Series

The Nokia N family is one of the most glorious in smartphone history. Currently and from the hand of HMD Global, Nokia has not remembered this series, which we would love to see resurrected, if possible with a high-end device.

It all started in 2005 with the Nokia N70 and ended abruptly with the Nokia N9 from 2011. In between, g were launched.great devices like the Nokia N95, N96 or N97. Many of them released technologies that have set trends in the industry such as the multitouch capacitive screen.

nokia n96 bruce lee

Nokia N96 in its Bruce Lee Special Edition

If the resurgence is considered, Nokia could consider the wonders it wanted with the N series, since remember that even the famous N-Gage, the Nokia video game console, is part of this extensive family. His resurgence would be full of possibilities.

Galaxy S Zoom

In the days when mobiles were starting to have bigger cameras, Samsung took a camera with a mobile attached to the sleeve. In other words, for the first time and without hesitation, photography prevailed over the original functions of the mobile. This is how the Galaxy S4 Zoom was born in 2013 and the Galaxy K Zoom in 2014. Since then, we have never heard from a brave bet that dazzled photography lovers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom front view

Galaxy S4 Zoom

Now that the screens are getting bigger and space is plentiful, it would be at least curious to see a Samsung device, whose rear was dedicated to integrate one or two giant lenses, with zoom capabilities that the new 2020 high-end cannot reach. The request is risky, but you never know …

LG G Flex

The other great Korean company has always jumped into the pool, whether or not there was water. LG was the first mobile capable of recording in 3D, the first device that changed its buttons to the rear and the first to have curved panels. Thus The G Flex family was born, which saw the birth of the original model and the LG G Flex 2, being abandoned in 2016.

Lg G Flex

First LG G Flex

In full 2020 and with flexible technology as the greatest innovation in years, surprised that LG has not taken the step again And resurrecting the G Flex brand, present its first folding as direct competition for Samsung or Huawei. This is not a crazy option, since we know that LG works on this technology. The question is whether the G Glex brand will be resurrected for the occasion or not.

Written by David Girao

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