The Radar COVID application is now ready for national deployment

The situation caused by COVID-19 in Spain and the rest of the world has forced us to change our habits, both social and technological.

And it is that in this strange year we have seen one of the strangest alliances in the technological world when we see how Apple and Google joined forces to create a common API for Android and iPhone with the aim of providing governments with standardized tools to stop the coronavirus.

In our country we have Radar COVID, an application developed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain. This application has spent a few months as a pilot program and is now ready for national rollout.

Radar COVID is updated and is already prepared for its national deployment

A few days ago the Government of Spain announced the completion of the pilot program for the Radar COVID application in San Sebastián de la Gomera (Canary Islands), a program that has been very successful and that opens doors to a national deployment.

This deployment begins today August 10 in Canary and Balearic IslandsIt is planned that as of September 15 it will end up being operational throughout the national territory.

The Government has not been slow to launch an update of Radar COVID a few days ago, which is considered as the initial version for national deployment. This means that the application It is ready to go and we should be able to download it.

However, although at the technological level the application has everything necessary to operate throughout the country, it is still necessary for the autonomous community in which you live to adapt its health system so that, in case of positive, we can alert mobile phones that have been in contact with us.

In a matter of weeks, the application should be functional throughout the national territory. As the application already has everything necessary to function in the country, we save ourselves a problem.




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