The Realme Band appears on Amazon for less than 20 euros


Realme has set out to scratch a piece of the sales pie at Xiaomi. And to achieve this, it is not only content to compete in the smartphone universe, since Realme is creating a portfolio of IoT products, among which are its first wearables in the form of smartwatch and smartbands. It is precisely the Realme Band, as it has come to harm the Mi Band family Xiaomi and that can be bought at a breakthrough price.

We have previously seen the differences between the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and the Realme Band. In essence, being two very similar products, the Realme bracelet has come at a better price than its rival. Until now, the Realme bracelet was only available on the company’s official website, but now It has appeared on Amazon at a price that is even more surprising.

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Cheaper than on the Realme website

The realme Band has an official price on the Realme website of 24.99 euros, to which must be added 10 euros of shipping costs, so the bracelet ends up coming out for 34.99 euros. However, we have found it on Amazon, in black and green for only 19.99 euros Shipping included, which will undoubtedly make many head for it. In addition and as we can see in the details, the bracelet is sold and shipped by Amazon, so we have all the guarantees that we are facing the real Realme Band and that we will have it from one day to the next in our hands.

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Buy the Realme Band in black for 19.99 euros on Amazon
Buy the Realme Band in green for 19.99 euros on Amazon

Complete and full of functions

We must not forget that we are dealing with a wearable designed to monitor all our physical activity, and which has a 0.96-inch color screen and weighs 20 gramss. It also has IP68 certification, to be resistant to water and dust. Unlike the Mi Band 4, it has a direct charging via USB, which means that you do not need adapters to charge your 90 mAh battery that allows it to last almost days away from the charger.

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Among its main functions, many of those that we already know about the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 stand out such as: voice control, alarm clock, Bluetooth dialing, call reminder, heart rate, calories burned, record distance, find phone, incoming calls, heart rate, message management, pedometer, sleep management. All the management of the bracelet and its records will be downloaded in the Realme Link application that is available for both Android and iPhone.

Written by David Girao

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