The Rocket League will be played for free later this summer

The popular vehicle soccer mashup Rocket League can be played for free, developer Psyonix announced today. After five years as a paid title, the Rocket League will be free from the end of this summer in the game Psyonix calls “the next chapter” for the game.

“After almost five years, millions of players and billions of football games, it’s time to talk about the next chapter in the Rocket League. Without our dedicated and amazing community, the game wouldn’t be where it is today. We are happy to welcome you to announce today that we are preparing to make this community even bigger. The Rocket League will be free to play by the end of this summer! ”

There is no set date yet, but the free move coincides with the start of the Rocket League in the Epic Games Store for PC, making cross-platform gaming on consoles and Steam possible. Psyonix notes that the Steam version of Rocket League will no longer be available for new players to download. The Epic Games Store effectively becomes the home of the Rocket League on the PC. Why switching to the Epic Games Store? Epic Games acquired the San Diego-based developer in May last year.

Those who already own the Rocket League and have played online receive legacy status, which includes several extras such as the Rocket League DLC, an “Est. 20XX titles, more than 200 general items are automatically upgraded to the Legacy level, a Golden Cosmos Boost, Dieci-Oro wheels and a Huntress player banner. All items are granted when the free game goes live.

Psyonix will also use the move to free-to-play to rework parts of the game and add some new features:

“The core gameplay will remain the same, but we’re refining the main menus to make exploring the game easier. We also revise and improve important functions such as tournaments and challenges and introduce cross-platform progress! The action in the Rocket League on the field will still be the same high-octane mix of sport and action that you love today, and soon more players will share that love. “

Updated tournaments and a revised challenge system are also on the way. Psyonix promises more details on these changes soon.

Psyonix assures current game owners that their inventory will remain as it is once the Rocket League is free, and it will continue to evolve across platforms. Regardless of the platform, players can bring their items, missile pass progress, and competitive rank to any platform through their Epic Games account.

Psyonix rounded off the press release and shared the news:

“There will be a lot more to be revealed as we get closer to the free Rocket League launch, such as new features, content, and the cross-platform development mentioned above. So follow us on Twitter and visit for the latest updates. We would like to thank everyone in our community for your continued support as we approach this milestone and look forward to introducing our game to a whole new audience! “

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