The Samsung Galaxy A could have 3 years of updates

One of the most striking news in the world of technology was the step taken by Samsung during the presentation of the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, mobiles that have made a considerable jump in prices and that we can buy in Spain, was the increase in Android updates.

Instead of the usual 2 years, Samsung would start offering 3 years of Android updates, while also maintaining the high standard in terms of security updates (which is usually 3 years of monthly updates and a fourth year of quarterly updates). The new proposal has been applied not only to the Note 20, but also to the previous Note generation and the S10 and S20.

But what will happen to the more affordable Galaxy A? And with tablets? Well, it seems that they could follow the same trail.

The Galaxy A could go the way of the high-end with 3 years of updates

Given the growth in years of support for the Galaxy S, there are not a few users who have wondered what would happen to the Samsung Galaxy A or with previous high ranges, and that is that beyond the higher category products, the mid-range of Samsung is having great success, especially in the young public, a generally more informed and demanding public looking to get the most out of their investments. A representative of Samsung in Korea has responded with the following message:

Please note that, unfortunately, previous models like Galaxy S9, Note 9, A series and tablets are not applicable due to hardware and resource characteristics. High-performance products in the A series and tablets subsequently released to the Galaxy S10 are under evaluation. We will announce an updated softar update policy later when we review Software and resource updates. Please watch for an announcement on the Samsung Members app, the official channel of Samsung Electronics.

Samsung’s update policy has always been controversial, as the company has never stood out for its agility. In return, have always offered their update deadlines with complete clarity Complete for each Android version, indicating the estimated update date for each model.

Samsung continues to be the market leader, although due to the current situation Huawei has managed to snatch the top spot from it. This is not the time to rest on your laurels, and if Samsung wants to stay on top it has to differentiate itself from its more direct rivals. Offering 3 years in its most cutting-edge models is great, but transferring that policy to all its mobiles could be what the brand needs to differentiate itself in a market that increasingly seems to be used and thrown away.

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