The Samsung Galaxy A range will inherit camera functions from the Note 20


Next week the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and, as expected, they will go on to head a manufacturer’s catalog on the basis of which we find Samsung Galaxy A, Cheap terminals but with interesting specifications for tighter budgets. Interestingly, there is more similarity between these phones than we might initially expect.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics, the subsidiary that supplies the cameras from the Galaxy S and Note lines, will be applying optical image stabilization technology to the A series, now comes an even more striking upgrade for the manufacturer’s line of budget mobiles. During his conference call on the second quarter results, the head of Samsung Electro-Mechanics now states that its higher resolution cameras like the ones we are going to see in the Note 20 they will arrive at series A of the firm.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 camera

Samsung best sellers

Although the phones of the Galaxy S or Note family are the manufacturer’s top of the range, that does not mean that they are the best sellers. Here the Galaxy A come into play and for this reason the company is preparing to improve them and make them more attractive, starting with their cameras.

The adoption of high-performance multi-camera modules for smartphones is expanding to mid-range products. We are considering introducing a high-performance camera module in mid-range smartphones. We will expand the size of our business ensuring price competitiveness.

This makes it quite clear that with the firm intention of maintaining competitiveness against other manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and realme, Samsung will equip the future phones in the Galaxy A range with their high resolution sensors and zoom lenses periscope. Since the recently announced Galaxy A71 5G already has Samsung’s 64MP sensor, we only have one camera with more resolution than this sensor, the 108MP camera that we have already seen in the Galaxy S20 Ultra and that would star in the photographic section of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

The most interesting thing of all is that the manufacturer states that this will not imply an increase in costs that will destroy the strategy present in the mid-range samsung. The prices of mobiles will continue to be just as attractive as those of the 2019 and 2020 line, but to this day we do not know when we will start to see these Galaxy A with the improved camera. Most likely, this quality jump will take place over the next year.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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