The Samsung Galaxy M41 will have the largest battery on the market


The batteries of our mobile phones have increased in size in recent years, this is something that users had long waited for, and that has finally come true even in the manufacturers that were most reluctant. Samsung has put a lot of batteries in this aspect, never better said, in fact the Galaxy M41 will release one of almost 7000mAh.

The Korean firm has become one of the firms that provides more battery power to phones in its range. In fact it is no longer rare to see phones with batteries up to 6000mAh, which is literally double the battery that many mobiles offered us two or three years ago.

The largest battery seen on a mobile

Samsung is already working on a new mobile for its mid-range, it is the Galaxy M41, which has already begun to show some of its most interesting features, despite its cancellation has been rumored. The most outstanding is undoubtedly going to be its battery, which is going to reach a new ceiling in the industry, always talking about mobile phones from top manufacturers such as the Korean firm. This mobile had been canceled, but it seems that it has revived the project and is carrying it out again.

Samsung Galaxy M41 battery

The most striking thing is that this phone would have twice the battery than its predecessor. Recall that this had a size of 3500mAh, and now we have known that the new generation would have a no less than 6800mAh battery, practically double, and far exceeding the ceiling of the 6000mAh that the brand’s phones have reached in recent years. Yes, there are Oukitel or Duracell mobiles with larger batteries, but we are talking about that among the main manufacturers there are no such batteries or anywhere near.

Has the Galaxy M41 been canceled or not?

It seems that the Chinese 3C certification has passed a model EB-BM415ABY with a huge 6800mAh battery, which would correspond to this model of the Koreans. It is believed that the succession of the M415 characters in the battery model may have something to do with this Samsung model. In any case it is speculated that this phone could finally be called M51.

Samsung Galaxy M40

So it seems that this model would not have finally been canceled, although it could reach the market with a different denomination than it currently has. Be that as it may, it is evident that the Koreans already have an even bigger battery ready than they had developed until now, and that if it is not in this model it will be in another where it debuts.

Written by Jorge Sanz

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