The Samsung Galaxy M51 will have the largest battery seen in a Samsung

We have been learning for some weeks about what will be the new Samsung mid-range star terminal in many countries, among which we hope that Spain is. We are talking about the Samsung Galaxy M51, a terminal that will debut design in the middle of the catalog inspired by what Samsung has already done in the upper part.

We already knew several characteristics of this model since an OnLeaks had published a video recreating the terminals by computer based on their construction plans.

Later we saw new data on this model along with another of a lower category. Today we know a new feature of this model, possibly the most important.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will have a battery of almost 7000 mAh

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will have the largest battery seen in a Samsung

The Galaxy M have been characterized by being inexpensive terminals focused on offering a sufficient experience for the price they have. And that happens by having a good autonomy. We have seen some devices such as the Galaxy M 31 with 6000 mAh of battery, which practically takes us two days away from the charger.

But it seems that with the Samsung Galaxy M51 the Korean company goes one step further because the capacity of its battery power is almost 7000 mAh, specifically 6800 mAh.

The Samsung Galaxy M51 will have the largest battery seen in a Samsung

This last figure is the one certified by the company in China, so it is possible that at the level of daily use and marketing it is presumed that this terminal has 7000 mAh battery. We do not know what the final weight of the device will be, but with this energy capacity it is possible that the grammage will go up a lot, and that may throw some buyers back.

We also do not know what the charging speed of the Galaxy M51 will be, but hopefully it will be greater than the 15 W that we have seen in previous models because charging that battery will require a higher speed if we do not want to have the mobile plugged in for a long time with each charge.

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