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The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 appears on video before its presentation

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 appears on video before its presentation

Samsung has confirmed that on August 5 it will hold an event in which it will announce new mobiles. This Unpacked is expected to be the place where the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 becomes official.

We recently saw the first real photographs of these new phones, specifically the Ultra model. Now, the same youtuber who showed those images has published a video in which he compares this Note 20 Ultra with a Note 1o.

First video of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

In the video you can see how the dimensions of the new model are not very different from the fabric of last year’s terminal. What’s more, when it comes to the stylus, the S-Pen, they are interchangeable, proving that, at least on the outside, they are identical.

Of course, both the pencil gap and the lower speaker have moved, although they remain in the lower frame.

This lower frame, as well as the upper one, are now flatter, losing a little the curvilinear line that the mobiles had until recently.

The pencil is now a pointer

One of the new functions of this model has been known precisely through this video. In a frame we clearly see how it is indicated that the pencil is also a pointer, being able to use the terminal screen as a whiteboard if we connect it to an external monitor and the stylus as a laser pointer.

This is perfect for presentations and talks and saves us from having to carry another device on us.

At the moment we do not know anything else, but taking into account that this youtuber maintains the position of this prototype, it is possible that in the next few days they will publish new videos showing some of the characteristics that Samsung will make official at the beginning of next month.

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