The Samsung Galaxy Note20 and the explosive Galaxy Note7 have one thing in common, and we hope that only one

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 will not only mount a plastic back, but a Gorilla Glass 5 shared by previous generations as the explosive Galaxy Note7, and lowering features from the Gorilla Glass 6 of the Note10 … Curious!

Next August 5 we will meet the new Samsung Galaxy Note20 accompanied by a horde of gadgets and Samsung devices, including headphones Galaxy Buds Live, he Galaxy watch 3 or the folding Galaxy Z Fold 2, in addition to an already official Galaxy Z Flip 5G and that we will see for the first time in action.

Lots of fabric to end the year, no doubt, in a Samsung catalog that wait for the best of technology currently available in the industry though actually The Galaxy Note20 and the explosive Galaxy Note7 have one thing in common that we hope is just one …

Galaxy Note20 Ultra copper

The Galaxy Note20 and its iconic tonality ‘Mystic Bronze’

Almost jokingly SamMobile told us, echoing a tweet from the popular leaker Roland Quandt that hours before shared the important detail that the Galaxy Note20, not the model Ultra, mounted on its front a Gorilla Glass 5 shared with previous generations already from the problematic Galaxy Note7.

Obviously we hope that the similarities between both models remain here, another thing would be a major problem for the South Korean giant, which has once again returned to the path of the vanguard, commanding the industry with very advanced functionalities in their Galaxy Note and with the latest technology in their folding mobiles.

The Galaxy Note20 will mount on its front a Gorilla Glass 5 already veteran, shared by previous generations of a Galaxy range at the forefront of the market and by the explosive Galaxy Note7

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Curiously, the Galaxy Note10 mounted Gorilla Glass 6 thus being the new generation less resistant than the previous one, although we have already seen in the note of the new Gorilla Glass Victus that at least in terms of scratch resistance, the quality was the same and only the durability of the glass against drops and impacts had been improved.

Roland Quandt himself confirms in passing that Corning’s information was true, and that Samsung will debut the Gorilla Glass Victus on the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra increasing the gap between the two models, also taking into account that the “classic” Note20 will have a plastic back and will lower its camera features, among other features.

It is clear then that Samsung’s bet is decided by the Galaxy Note20 Ultra, which will really be the only Galaxy Note20 with a ‘top’ cut, leaving the other versions as entry models to the range and much more affordable prices which really should be called versions ‘Lite’. In a few days, confirmations and official presentations … Stay tuned!

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