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The Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 have in Single Take one of its most interesting functions

The Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 have in Single Take one of its most interesting functions

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The Single Take function of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10 allows you to capture 14 different images and videos with a single touch of your finger.

Samsung officially presented last February the Galaxy S20, he Galaxy S20 + and the novel Galaxy S20 Ultra; smartphones that along with the S10 last year, they have a camera function that has been greatly undervalued: Single Take, which allows capturing up to 14 different types of photos and videos from 3 to 10 seconds of capture time with just one shot and thanks to Artificial Intelligence.

This is one of the camera functions of the Galaxy S20 and S20 more underrated, at least that’s what they point out from Sammobile. A feature that debuted in the S20 series and has since been introduced to other devices, such as the S10 and the Galaxy Note 10. Single Take, as we have already mentioned, allows capturing images and videos with a single touch of the finger, and allows taking photos in wide angle, close-ups and videos. Of course, this camera mode does not support the zoom function.

Galaxy S20 Ultra, photography

Camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

To use this function, just open the camera application of the Samsung Galaxy S20 or S10 and tap on Single Take in the menu options. Then you just have to touch the shutter button and scroll around to take the best possible picture. At that moment the camera will automatically capture the best image and the best clips of each scene. When finished, touching the thumbnail of the preview will show the optimized results of the scene that has been recorded.

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With Single Take you can take images and videos with a single shot

To view the other results, only drag the icon up. To save the results individually, tap on Select and mark the elements you want to save; and then just touch the down arrow icon. Without a doubt it is a great function to take different images without the need to be taking 14 different shots.

In addition to taking pictures, this feature also creates images with random filters already applied, ultra wide photos, Live Focus and panoramic images. It even records short clips, in addition to a normal video. In these clips are short slow motion and boomerang videos, among others. In the video located on these lines, and shared by the same medium, you can see an example of how this feature works from the camera app of the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S10.

The situations in which Single Take can be useful are severalsuch as pointing the camera at a person while they are putting out the candles and cutting their birthday time to automatically get photos and videos of that special moment. Even the South Korean firm itself claimed at the time that this was one of the main cases for which this interesting function was developed hardly used by users of a Galaxy S20 or S10. There is no doubt that it is a function that will not be used on a daily basis, but it is really useful in certain occasions.

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