The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will be Samsung's next folding mobile

Samsung dixit: “We chose the ‘Z’ for this series because it intuitively communicates the idea of ​​a fold while providing a dynamic and youthful feel.”

Now we can safely affirm that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip was not an experiment, and that the South Korean giant is probably the company most involved in the evolution of folding mobiles which will soon reach their third generation at Samsung.

In fact, we’ve spent weeks listening to siren songs with leaked details from a Galaxy Fold 2 that would be “perfect” to meet expectations, and that according to the latest rumors it would be included in the Galaxy Z range attending to what they tell us from xda-developers.

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 open screen

This would be the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, according to the latest leaked renders

In fact, it is that we already have a commercial name that would be definitive, and that would bring us, along with the Galaxy Note20, a new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 to prop up a Galaxy Z family that seems to encompass forever the Samsung folding.

It is not a surprise, in any case, because this name highlights that hybrid concept that we will see for sure, mixing and improving the lines and construction of the first Galaxy Fold with the successful hinge of a Galaxy Z Flip that has succeeded without becoming a best seller, lowering prices and seeking the usefulness of such a terminal.

The “Z” came to Samsung to stay, and the range of folding phones of the South Korean giant will soon receive the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

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Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 rear render

A render shows what would be the inside of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2, with its camera

It seems that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 will not have an S-Pen, unfortunately …

The guys from Samsung already warned him in February, just after introducing the revolutionary Galaxy Z Flip, who had chosen the “Z” for their folding family because this was the best way to intuitively communicate the idea of ​​a fold, in addition to creating a dynamic and youthful feeling opening the catalog of a new Samsung Galaxy family.

Rumors are not the only test, since the original Galaxy Fold, the first generation, has also gone to the category Galaxy Z on Samsung’s official websites, announcing that the most important families of the portfolio Samsung’s simplify: Galaxy S for smartphones, Galaxy Z for folding smartphones and Galaxy Tab for tablets.

Denominations aside, and although the rumors pointed very high, it seems that finally the new Ultra Thin Glass Samsung is not prepared to take over the S-Pen technology without breaking or getting damaged, so the Galaxy Z Fold 2 will not include the S-Pen among its functionalities to get the most out of a 7.7-inch interior panel that does seem to be confirmed by this design and an internal hole camera.

A chipset is also expected Qualcomm Snapdragon 865, 512 GB of storage, 12 or 16 GB of RAM, 5G SA / NSA connectivity and a larger external display that improves its functionality while the terminal is closed, in addition to a battery that offers greater autonomy to the set.

To terminal We hope to meet you next August 5, during the second Unpacked 2020, with a significantly lower price but it will continue to be very high near 2,000 euros. Nobody said that being an ‘early bird’ and having the latest technology was going to be cheap!

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