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TVNow invites you to a sex consultation. In August, the new documentary “The Sex Clinic” revolves around positions, diseases and genitals.

The documentary is scheduled to go online on August 18. In “The Sex Clinic”, a sex therapist, a gynecologist and a specialist in urology will explore human lust. As the broadcaster announces, it should include Internet porn, the ideal size of the genitals and ignorance of venereal diseases. According to TVNow, the documentary should speak openly, honestly and directly about intimate problems and solutions of all kinds.

In the “sex clinic” the doctors receive male and female patients in a “relaxed atmosphere” and jointly face the respective diagnoses and intimate problems. The broadcaster introduces two of the experts in advance. So the urologist is Volker Wittkamp. The specialist became known, among other things, as the author of the non-fiction bestseller “Fit in the step – Interesting facts from the urologist” and through his appearances in the “Klinik am Südring”.

Dr. med. In contrast, Sheila de Liz is a gynecologist. Born in the USA, she has had her own practice in Wiesbaden since 2006 and has also written a non-fiction book with the title “Outrageous: Everything about the fabulous female body”. Together with Volker Wittkamp, ​​de Liz also runs the TikTok channel “@doktorsex”.

“The Sex Clinic” was produced by RTL Studios and will be shown exclusively on TVNow Premium and Premium +.

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