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Because of the corona pandemic, Amazon has postponed Prime Day 2020. According to new rumors, the shopping event in Germany could not take place until October. Prime Day started today in India and provides a small foretaste of the upcoming offers. GIGA has the details.

Amazon Prime Day - All information & the best offers

Prime Day 2020: Shopping event starts in India, alternative campaigns in Germany

Amazon Prime Day in India has started. From August 6th to 7th The online giant’s largest shopping event takes place there. As always, the offers are numerous and provide a little foretaste of what we might also expect in this country in a month or two.

Bargain hunters don’t have to go away empty-handed this summer, because the shopping gap left by Amazon is being cleverly filled by other retailers with various discount campaigns:

When will Prime Day 2020 take place in Germany?

Experience shows that the offers on Prime Day are even better than on Black Friday or during the Cyber ​​Monday week on Amazon. However, not everyone can access the Prime Day deals, because the 48-hour discount battle is reserved for Prime customers only.

Since 2015, the Prime Day has always been held in mid-July and has now blossomed into Amazon’s top-selling shopping event. But because of Corona he had to Prime Day 2020 initially postponed indefinitely.

According to the latest rumors, Amazon is planning Prime Day in this country The beginning of October relocate. This emerges from “emails that were sent to third-party providers and people familiar with the company,” writes Business Insider. A specific date, officially confirmed, is still pending. GIGA will inform you as soon as a date for Amazon Prime Day 2020 in Germany has been set.

Everything we know about Prime Day 2020 so far:

  • Date for India is the 6th / 7th August
  • In Germany probably a month or two later (September / early October)
  • Offers with the highest discounts of the year on Amazon, exclusively for Prime members
  • Prime Day 2019 lasted 48 hours – 2020 will be similar, or even longer

Amazon Prime Day 2020 in Germany: How to prepare optimally

Even if a specific date for Prime Day 2020 in Germany has not yet been set, you can prepare yourself. Because: When the bargain marathon starts, it quickly becomes confusing, the best deals can be sold out quickly, and anyone who is not a Prime member will go away empty-handed anyway. We will look through the offers for you at this point as best as possible.

If you are not yet a Prime member, you can use the service Try it free for 30 days and, if you don’t want to continue using the service, cancel with just a few clicks after Prime Day 2020. We have summarized the advantages of membership and how you can best use it here:

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How to get everything out of Amazon Prime

It also doesn’t hurt to put the products of your desire in the shopping cart now or to save them on your Amazon wish list. As soon as the article is cheaper on Prime Day, you will be informed in the Amazon app.

A classic in the online shopping frenzy is also to have an old address stored in the account. So it’s best to check your Amazon account again before Prime Day. Are the delivery address and payment details still correct?

Speaking of payment: who in the Prime Day with 40 euros credit want to start, get the best in front and not to the Amazon credit card for the shopping event. In addition, there is cashback for Prime customers for almost all Amazon purchases, i.e. de facto 3 percent discount on all Amazon purchases. The credit card should be applied for at least approx. 2 weeks in advance, as the verification and sending takes a little time.

Prime Day 2020 at Amazon: There will be offers

Of course, Amazon has not yet revealed in detail what offers there will be on Prime Day 2020, but experience in recent years shows that some products are true classics and keep coming back. For example Amazon devices such as the Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot, Fire tablets, Kindle readers, etc. The services of the online giant (Music and Kindle Unlimited, Audible, etc.) are also likely to be available at reduced prices again . In addition, you can count on a variety of technology and gaming bargains, as the worldwide bestsellers of last year’s Prime Day show.

Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control

Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice remote control

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa Voice Remote

Fire TV Stick 4K Ultra HD with Alexa voice remote control

Echo Dot (3rd Gen.) intelligent speaker with Alexa, anthracite fabric

Echo Dot (3rd gen.) Intelligent speaker with Alexa, anthracite fabric

Before buying, however, you should always do a price comparison or stop by GIGA. We will summarize the best bargains of Amazon Prime Day 2020 for you.

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