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The six best tricks for fast typing on Android

by Tejas Dhawan

Writing on the mobile screen is not something that is especially comfortable or easy for everyone. For some people it means much slower typing compared to other devices. Luckily, to be able write faster In Spanish on Android there are a number of tricks that are helpful, without us having to do too much for it.

There are various solutions, tricks or tips that will help for fast typing on an Android phone. As we spend more and more time using our phones, they may come in handy for many users who want to be able to type better on their phones.

Use a different keyboard

The keyboard we use can be decisive at the time of writing and the speed that we have while we write. Gboard is a keyboard that many use on Android, for which we can use certain tricks when it comes to typing fast, but there are other keyboards that are more suitable if what we are looking for is mainly speed.

Typewise is a good example of this, available to all Android users since December. It is a keyboard designed especially for fast typing, which is exactly what we are looking for. This keyboard has a curious design, but it is designed to be able to type with greater comfort, in a faster way, in addition to giving many customization options.




Other keyboards we’ve tried, like Xiaomi Mint, have a customizable design, with large keys. For many users, the keys on some keyboards on Android are too small, making use slower. A keyboard of this type allows a better use and thus be able to type faster. In addition, there are keyboards that allow you to type words by swiping, which is a method that also saves time.

Keyboard shortcuts

One of the most effective tricks for fast typing on Android is to use keyboard shortcuts. When you use keyboard shortcuts you will be able to type several words without having to enter the full term, simply using a couple of letters will be possible. Being able to create our own shortcuts, since many keyboards give this possibility, make the use of this function highly recommended. The way to do this is very simple, following these steps in the case of Gboard.

  1. Open the phone settings.
  2. Enter the System.
  3. Tap Language and text input.
  4. Tap on the keyboard you use on your phone.
  5. Go to your settings.
  6. Enter Dictionary.
  7. Tap Personal dictionary.
  8. Click on the + icon.
  9. Create your own shortcuts.

If there are long words that you use a lot, or names (of people, brands or companies) that you usually mention, these shortcuts save a lot of time while you type. Depending on the keyboard you use, the way create your own shortcuts it may vary or it may not be possible. There are keyboards that do not have this shortcut function, but that give other functions for fast typing on Android.

Predictive text

Hated by many, predictive text or keyboard predictions allow fast typing, in many cases. This feature has been greatly improved thanks to the use of artificial intelligence, which allows these predictions to be more accurate, because it will learn from you. Depending on what you type on the keyboard, those words or expressions that you use regularly, these predictions will be generated, which allow you not to have to write the entire word.

Keyboards like Gboard or Swiftkey use artificial intelligence for these predictions, so they are much more accurate and better fit your use (They learn from what you write), so they are becoming more reliable, helping you to send messages or emails faster. It is not the predictive text of yesteryear, so there is no fear in this regard.

Send messages by voice

If writing is tedious and too slow, we can always use Google Assistant. The assistant has a great presence on Android and integrates with more and more applications, being even possible to send messages on WhatsApp. Using the wizard allows you not to have to type on the phone screen, which is uncomfortable for many users, so it can make typing the message faster.

Further, keyboards like Gboard already have Google Assistant integrated, so that we can dictate at any time the message that we want to send to another person. It is a simple and comfortable method with which to send messages, without writing. Although it must be borne in mind that the assistant does not always understand well what we say, so there may be certain errors, although as we use it it improves. To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp or the app you want to use.
  2. Click on the bubble to send a message.
  3. Press and hold the microphone icon on the keyboard (in some next to the space bar).
  4. Speak up and say the message you want to send.
  5. Send that message.

Change the layout of your keyboard

Most keyboards on Android have customization options, how to adjust its design and position on the screen. One of the great advantages of this type of functions is that we can make the keys somewhat larger, which will greatly facilitate the ability to type quickly and comfortably for users. Each keyboard gives different options when it comes to changing the layout, some allow wider keys, but also eliminate the row of numbers, to make the keys bigger, or divide the keyboard into two parts, for a more comfortable use.

In all cases, you will have to go to your keyboard settings to see what options it offers you when changing its design or appearance, so that you can write faster on your Android mobile. It can be a simple but useful way to facilitate the use of the keyboard on the phone.

Practice playing

To master something, you need to practice. This is so with everything and also with fast typing on Android. Luckily, to make this a little easier, there are some apps or games that they will help us to practice writing. These applications will help you improve the way you write, so you can streamline the process with some tricks that will help.

ZType Space Typing & Spelling

A game that combines having to type with a virtual keyboard with an action game. An ideal combination that makes it entertaining, designed so that you can learn to write quickly. You will have to be fast in the face of enemy attacks and thus improve your ability to type on the virtual keyboard.

A kind of Space Invaders but it helps you learn to type fast on your Android phone. The mechanics are simple and the operation too, so it is a good option to practice. It can be downloaded for free from the Play Store, without purchases inside, although there are ads.




Typing Master

This game has tetris elements, with the words that you have to write integrated in blocks, which fall. Your task will be to write these words quickly and flawlessly, before they touch the ground. A way to test the speed with which we write and that will help us to get used to the keyboard of the phone and thus master it in the best possible way. More and more words will be descending, and longer too. But as you write them correctly, you will earn rewards.

This game you can download free on Android. Inside there are purchases and ads, these purchases being optional, but you can play at any time without paying money for the game.




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