The Sky Film and series highlights until the end of the month

Image: © Sky Germany
Image: © Sky Germany

In summer, Sky is not only active behind the scenes, but also has some film and series highlights to offer in parallel this July.

New subscription model, Sky Ticket brought to fruition and several film rights also bagged – not to forget the Bundesliga package from summer 2021. There is so much going on at Sky these days that the program is almost in the background. To prevent this from happening, DIGITAL TELEVISION offers an overview of the film and series highlights until the end of the month.


“Bad Education” (from July 22nd)

Hugh Jackman, as the corrupt district manager, takes his school sprinkle to the top. When he is tracked down, he starts a cover-up attempt. Smart comedy based on real events.

The Collini case ”(from July 31)

Elyas M’Barek dares to defend herself against a seemingly hopeless murder case. And uncovered a German judicial scandal. Thrilling court thriller based on Ferdinand von Schirach’s bestseller.

Angel Has Fallen (since July 17)

The sequel to the action hits “Olympus / London Has Fallen”: A drone attack injures the US President. Gerard Butler is the only surviving security man to be suspected.


Doctor Who, season 12 (from July 23)

Jodie Whittaker returns as “Doctor Who”: Together with her friends, she travels through space and time in season 12 of the British cult series in order to neutralize lustful potentates, interdimensional monsters and galactic mercenary gangs.

Bull, season 4.2 (from July 29)

The series hit with “Navy CIS” climber and crowd favorite Michael Weatherly: Behavioral expert Dr. Bull and his team are always in demand when things get particularly tricky in court. The continuation of the fourth season.

Perry Mason, Season 1 (from July 31)

How it all started: HBO tells the beginnings of the legendary defense lawyer in a crime series. As a private investigator, Perry Mason investigates the depths of the booming Los Angeles of the 1930s.

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