The smallest Android phone in the world is the size of a credit card

The Jelly 2 is the smallest Android 10 mobile on the market.

Already in 2017 we talked about one of the most curious Android mobiles that we had seen to date: the Unihertz Jelly. It was a special terminal for the simple fact of being the smallest on the market with 4G and Android 7.0 inside. And the reception by the public turned out to be so positive, that the company has decided launch a second version even more interesting call Jelly 2.

This second edition of mini-mobile by Unihertz maintains the philosophy of the original version: it has the same size as a credit card, but not for that reason it forgets to incorporate features capable of offering a good experience to all those who, for whatever reason, need to use a extremely compact phone. In this edition, in fact, key aspects such as connectivity, photography or autonomy are improved.

Uniihertz Jelly 2

The Jelly 2 is more updated than 85% of Android mobiles worldwide.

The Unihertz Jelly 2 is the smallest Android 10 mobile you can buy

Unlike other terminals mini like the Palm, which we were able to analyze in its day, this Jelly 2 does not depend on our main mobile phone to function, but can be used totally independently thanks to its capabilities in terms of connectivity. However, the company defines it as a companion for our main device, which can be useful during our outings to exercise or vacation.

On this occasion, Unihertz provides the terminal with a 3-inch screen with 480 x 854 pixel resolution, and a MediaTek Helio processor with 6 GB of RAM. The phone has a 4G modem prepared to support the vast majority of networks globally, improved GPS, Multi-function NFC enabled for mobile payments, and Android 10 as the operating system.

Uniihertz Jelly 2 with an iPhone

This is the Unihertz Jelly 2 next to an iPhone

Other interesting details are the inclusion of a fingerprint reader on the back, and 16-megapixel rear and 8-front cameras. Its body also includes a programmable multifunction button that can be used to perform basically any action. According to Unihertz itself, one of the greatest advances achieved with this second edition of the Jelly lies in autonomy, since thanks to its 2,000 mAh battery –A clear step forward compared to the 950 mAh battery of the previous model–, they have been able to double autonomy of the device with respect to the original Jelly.

As with the first edition, Unihertz has launched the Jelly through the crowdfounding platform Kickstarter, where it has already far exceeded its goal of € 43,388. Its final price will be $ 199, but while you are on Kickstarter, there is the possibility of getting it at a $ 159 discount price.

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