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The smartwatch could look so awesome

by Tejas Dhawan

Image source: GIGA – Apple Watch Series 5

While some designers want a fundamentally new design for the Apple Watch, other creative minds can imagine slightly more subtle changes. However, this can mean that everyday use improves noticeably despite these small adjustments.

Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch Series 6: a display without a border

The external differences between the Apple Watch models of the past few years are very small. The difference between an Apple Watch Series 3 and Series 5 can only be seen at first glance when you take a closer look. But if you use the Apple Watch with the larger case for a long time, you quickly find that the possibilities of the newly added dials in combination with the also new display have grown significantly. The Infograph dial, for example, supports a variety of complications and can provide the user with many more details at a glance if necessary.

In cooperation with ConceptsiPhone, designer Pallav Raj now shows what an Apple Watch Series 6 could look like, even if Apple’s engineers don’t change much in the actual design. Instead, the concept shown here is primarily about adapting the display technology:

As can be seen in the clip, the display of the dream Apple Watch has no edges. This allows the dimensions of the smartwatch to remain the same as its predecessors, while the information density could continue to increase at the same time.

The designer continues to say that the performance of the watch should increase significantly. Hopefully, because of the larger active display, this is not just sheer computing power, but also a more powerful battery to keep the screen alive for more than a day.

Many of the innovations for the Apple Watch can be found in the software – you can find out which helpful details are hidden in watchOS 6 here:

Apple Watch Series 6: Changes require a close look

The borderless design theoretically fits the latest rumors of the Apple Watch Series 6. Jon Prosser predicted that the next Smartwatch from Cupertino will look exactly like the Series 4 and Series 5. A display that now has information right down to the actual case may not necessarily be excluded. The differences to the predecessor would only be noticeable when the display becomes active.

So it can still be hoped that Apple will not only make internal changes, but also give small external indications that the user is wearing a new Apple Watch on his arm. Something similar can already be seen in the Apple Watch Series 5, because the obvious difference to the predecessor was the display, which can always be active – even if it is darkened.

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