The spectacular LEGO set that simulates the Nintendo console with an old TV

The spectacular LEGO set that simulates the Nintendo console with an old TV

Lego and Nintendo have joined forces to create a replica of your famous NES It appeals to the nostalgia of those of us who enjoyed the 8-bit console in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

This Lego set is made up not only of the legendary NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), but also of an interactive tube TV in which it is being projecting one of the phases of the first Super Mario Bros, specifically its first level.

LES NES on the go set

According to an official statement from Nintendo, LEGO will release a new set in collaboration with the Japanese company that recreates the mythical Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES as we all know it. In fact, they have already released a video that explains in great detail what we are going to find.

This set contains over 2,600 pieces, which indicates that it is not focused on the smallest of the house. Which makes sense since they wouldn’t even know what an NES is. The construction set would consist of the console, a controller, a game cartridge that would fit into the console itself, and a recreation of a miniature tube screen television.

The design of this piece even dares to raise the standard of geek a little more by recreating the mythical first level of the first Super Mario Bros (the most enthusiastic will recognize it immediately), and which we can also move by creating the horizontal scroll or side scroll illusion of the original game.

It would not be the first time that both companies joined forces to market their products, since earlier this year they jointly released several sets based in the world of Super Mario in Japan.

As was the case with the former, the NES set would combine the traditional assembly of LEGO pieces with Bluetooth technology. As we see in the video, if we place the Mario figure on top of the TV replica, it will recreate the sounds of the original 1985 Super Mario Bros game.

Price and availability

This replica LEGO would be available from next August 1 for an estimated price of $ 230. A date that also coincides with the release of the LEGO Super Mario pack in Europe and America.

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