The surprises you will have when updating your glasses with Bose Frames sound

The surprises you will have when updating your glasses with Bose Frames sound

We recently discussed how interesting Bose Frames are, glasses that offer you music in a unique way. On each temple there is a sound projector (not an earphone, they don’t cover the ears) that launches direct sound to each ear. It is like you listen to a speaker, but that invisible speaker is with you while you are wearing your glasses. And it sounds great, give it a try if you have a chance.

Now Bose has released an update of its “firmware” that adds benefits to the glasses. It is possible to increase or decrease the volume of the music by shaking your head! Also Bose launches a new model of glasses, the new small size by Alto, thinking of girls who prefer their square style to Rondo.

More possibilities

Firmware v4.1.6 for Bose Frames, which you can download through the Bose Connect application, brings some surprising news. Once updated (application and glasses), in the “settings” section of the application we will see a new option called “press and adjust volume”. If we activate it and as the application itself explains we can adjust the volume of the music by shaking our heads.

Bose Frames (2)

Button detail on right temple

It is as easy as pressing the button on the glasses (right side) and turn your head: it will rise to the right, it will decrease to the left. The sensitivity of the Frames’ accelerometers helps you do it accurately once you’ve gotten some practice. Let’s remember that this electronics is what allows Bose Frames to be much more than a source of music. With the Augmented reality in sound that Bose is introducing in some of its models, the GPS of the mobile and the movements of the glasses serve to know where you are looking. This way they can guide you in a tourist environment or take you to an address.

Bose Frames (1)

Bose Frames Alto (he, left) and Rondo (she, right)

New High Small Bose Frames

Another recent novelty of the Bose Frames is a new model: until now we had two options, the Alto (with rectangular shapes) and the more compact Rondo (with rounder crystals). For people with a not very big head but who preferred the aesthetics of the Alto, now there are some in smaller size. Perfect for girls who did not like the aesthetics of the Rondo, there is no excuse for not giving away Bose Frames …

Bose Frames (3)

Bose Frames Alto

We insist again: try them and be amazed what they sound like without having to cover your ears (and therefore listening to our surroundings). Ideal for walking or cycling, they cost 230 euros.

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